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This is going to be a password protected page for techs and shop owners so I can protect your margins. In the meantime call me (John) if you need help at 800 326 0599 and leave a message.

Servicing Saabs in South Florida for more than 21 years

SAAB Services is committed to providing the Highest Quality and Value in SAAB parts and service. The two businesses are owned and operated by John and Gerard Schreiber, two genuine SAAB fanatics. John and Gerard have been car nuts since the early 70's. Gerard was the first, (in 1982) to become infected by the SAAB virus and he quickly passed it on to John. Both John and Gerard are ASE Certified Master Automobile Technicians and AAIA "World Class" technicians.

Use the drop down menus below to choose delivery and other options. These prices are B2B, include company name and phone number when ordering. Items are shipped FEDEX ground from Florida unless specified otherwise.

These are programmed for the vehicle. If you have a tech2 and can program the module, put t2 after your name on the address form, as it may save a day in shipping.


RENT the Tech 2 Factory tool here!
If you have access to the tool, and need SAAB software, call me.

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This is intended to be a password protected page for techs and shops so I can protect your margins. In the mean time feel free to call me for help on the 800 number.

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