9-5 Climate Control air recirculation servo repair using SKANDIX kit 1030209

The recirculation function in a climate control system dramatically increases performance in extreme conditions. In hot, humid environments duct temperatures can be 10° F lower when in recirculate mode. This is because as much as 50% of the cooling energy is being used to condense water in the air. In recirculate mode, the air inside the car is quickly dehumidified and cooling performance increases. The ACC system can be programmed (using a Tech 2) to remain in recirculate mode below speeds of 30kmh. Default programming is for speeds below 10kmh, but improved cooling performance can be realized with the higher setting. It stands to reason that initial cabin heating performance will be better in recirculate mode as well.

Recirculate motor failures are quite common on the 9-5 but they are under diagnosed because no code is set unless the motor has failed in an open circuit condition. This failure would result in a code 21, due to a completely burned up dropping resistor. If only the link arm or internal gears are broken, a code will not be present.

The easiest way to check recirculation door operation is to watch the door on the left side above the accelerator pedal, while an assistant cycles the recirculate switch.

Removal instructions can be found here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/221791/Recirculation-Motor-Saab-95

SAAB 5334719 includes link arm (SAAB 4869426) and mounting bracket.  SAAB 5045711 is the servo motor only. This kit is an economical solution to the failure of either part number, saving over $150.00. Labor time for the repair, once the servo is removed from the car, is not more than 20 minutes.






Remove the 4 screws shown, and lift off the cover.


The white gears are included in a rebuild kit available from www.skandix.de and www.saabservices.com as part number 1030209.

The kit also includes the link arm or lever 4869426.


This type of damage is not very common, and as long as the gear turns freely against this surface after cleaning the area it is fine. Use a small amount of lithium grease here if you like.


On occasion this resistor will be damaged. The resistor reduces the voltage to the motor, and it is required because in this application there is constant power applied to the motor.



Align the large gear with the flat edge as shown, and reinstall the cover and 4 screws.


Assemble the servo motor to the mounting bracket and install the 2 screws.

The motor operates from 12 volts DC and is easily tested using jumper wires prior to installation.