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Bank 1 is 1,3,5 and is located closest to the firewall. The rear head is also called the left head.

Bank 2 is 2,4,6 and is located closest to the radiator. The front head is also called the right head.

Are you confused yet? Common failures include timing belt failure, which almost always bends valves and often cracks the valve guides.

Oil coolers fail causing oil to enter the cooling system. The oil cooler is located in the "valley". We sell replacement oil coolers for $375.00.

Valve cover gaskets leak causing failure of the plug wires on 900 series.

DI cassettes fail, they can be swapped for diagnosis purposes. 9-5 belt change interval is 60,000 miles. SAAB pays for this, check page 25 of the owners manual. Do not accept no for an answer. With that in mind, if you have a belt failure within the first 60K miles or the subsequent 60K, insist that SAAB pay for the engine damage. (Clearly by offering a free belt change at 60K, SAAB 's intent was to provide you with 120K miles of worryfree engine operation.) Saab 900 2.5 liter engines were entitled to 3 belt replacements, at 35, 65, and 95K miles. (this is a 30K interval,) Get it done, or say goodby to your car.

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SAAB Services will continue to provide the Highest Quality and Value in SAAB parts and service. The two businesses are owned and operated by John and Gerard Schreiber, two genuine SAAB fanatics. John and Gerard have been car nuts since the early 70's. Gerard was the first, (in 1982) to become infected by the SAAB virus and he quickly passed it on to John. Both John and Gerard are ASE Certified Master Automobile Technicians and ASIA "World Class" technicians.



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